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The following general conditions under which Club competitions are to be played have been drawn up by the Competitions Committee and approved by the GUI Committee.

The New and Old Practice areas at the 1st Tee are NOW GUR and use of the Drop Zone is Mandatory general conditions under which Club competitions are to be played have been drawn up by the Competitions Committee and approved by the GUI Committee.

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1.  Competitions Committee:

1.1.            At the beginning of each year a Competitions Committee will be appointed by the GUI Committee. This Sub-committee will consist of at least 3 ordinary members and they will have the authority to act as a Referee in all matters vis-à-vis competitions. If a member of the Competitions Committee is not readily available, the General Manager has the authority to act as Referee on their behalf. In either case the decision of the Referee is final and binding.

1.2.            The Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Committee in addition to Local Rules as made and published by the GUI Committee shall apply to all competitions.
(Players should familiarise themselves with these rules, particularly Rule 3: Player's Responsibilities).

1.3.            The Competitions Committee may publish additional Terms of Competition or alter/waive any clause in these general rules for any competition by prior notice to the membership.

2.  Suspension of play/closure of the course due to severe weather:

2.1       One regular siren blast will indicate the course is closed. It is then mandatory to vacate the course. 

2.2       Two regular sirens blasts indicate that play has been suspended; you must immediately mark your ball and vacate the course.  A member of the Competitions Committee, the General Manager or the Professional will make a further decision within the next 1.5 hours. If weather conditions do not improve and 75% of the entries have completed their round, then the competition will be valid. If conditions improve, resumption of play will be indicated by a single siren once players have returned to their marked positions.

2.3       If play does not start within 2 hours of the initial starting time due to adverse weather or otherwise, the competition will be cancelled.

3.  Eligibility:

3.1       Only players who meet the eligibility rules for certain competitions, as laid down by the Competitions Committee, may enter those competitions. The Committee may waive or add restrictions in certain circumstances. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that they only enter competitions for which they are eligible.

3.2       Only those whose annual subscription levy is up to date may compete in Club competitions.

3.3       In open or semi-open competitions guest(s) must be member(s) from an affiliated club with a valid ‘C’ status GONGU Handicap.  Breach of this rule may result in their disqualification. It is the Club's policy to notify all guests and visitors scores including ‘no returns’ from all qualifying competitions held at the Club via the central handicapping data base (CDH).  Entrance fees must be paid before playing in any competitions. Any breach will result in disqualification.

3.4       Five day members cannot enter a competition played over the week-end unless this restriction is explicitly waived by the Competitions Committee.

3.5       Restrictions for young adult and student members:

3.5.1    In a Life Officers or Officers’ Competition they shall be only eligible to win the gross prize (if provided) or a young adult and student prizes(s).

3.5.2    Student members with a handicap of 19.4 or lower who have received permission from the Student Committee may play in adult competitions and win all prizes except in Life Officers, Officers, Captain’s Prize and other competitions that may from time to time have specific pre advised restrictions.

3.5.3    May only win class,’9’s and student prizes in the following major competitions: Captain’s Prize, Vice Captain’s Prize, President’s Prize and Life President’s Prize. Stanley Adams Trophy, Professional’s Prize, Captain’s Prize to the 5 Day Members. Restrictions may apply to other competitions.

3.5.4    The Jacobson and Smullen Shields are open to full, young adult and student members. At least one member of the competing pair must be a full member.

3.6       A lone competitor may only play if he has a marker appointed by the General Manager, member of the Competitions Committee or the Professional.

3.7       Country members, where permitted to play in Club competitions, can only win a ‘class’ or ‘9’ prize.

3.8       Members who do not have a CONGU ‘C’ Status handicap are permitted to enter competitions they are eligible for, but can only win a Class or ‘9’ prize in the following major competitions: Life Officers or Officers’ competitions, Stanley Adams Trophy, Professional’s Prize, Captain’s Prize to the 5 Day Members. Restrictions may also apply to other competitions by prior notice.

3.9       Members who receive an initial handicap from the Competitions Committee, based on 3 submitted Cards, can only win a Class or ‘9’ prize in any 18 hole competition prior to completing 3 full single competitions.

3.10     Handicap restrictions, where applicable, will be published by the Competitions Committee in advance of the competition.

3.11     Life Officers or Officers’ competitions (other than those provided explicitly for the 5-Day Membership):

3.11.1  Only full members may win the net prizes.

3.11.2  The Captain’s Prize: to be eligible to win the 1st prize a competitor must have been a member of the Club for more than one year and must have competed and returned cards in at least five 18 hole qualifying competitions in the Club in the current season, prior to the first round of the competition.

3.11.3  George White Trophy, All Winners Competition: Full members who have won:

·         An 18 hole singles trophy competition (strokes or match play)
·         A Four ball/foursome trophy competition (strokes or match play)

In the current year are eligible to enter this competition.

4.  Entry:

4.1       Entry to a competition is through the on-line booking system and is pre-paid through the competition purse. Competitors should familiarise themselves with the on-line timesheet rules (published on web-site) for booking and cancelling of time slots. Entry to other competitions (including match play) will be by booking in the Office/Pro shop by manual timesheet or through an entry form. Entries can be taken in pro shop after online entry has closed

4.2       In all cases a competitor is responsible for ensuring his name only appears once on the timesheet. This includes competitions held over two days (e.g. Saturday and Sunday). In the case of a team event all players will be disqualified if one player has entered twice.

4.3       Once the timesheet is closed (Time Sheet Rules on web site)

4.3.1    The competitor’s allocated time is deemed to be fixed and can only be changed with the authority of a member of the Competitions Committee and/or General Manager. The Pro shop can only record cancellations or late additions to the timesheet.

4.3.2     The timesheet defines the playing groups and players can only switch groups to rectify a situation where another player in an adjacent group has no marker. In all other circumstances’ players may only switch groups with the authority of the General Manager or a member of the Competitions Committee

4.4       Formal Registration to competitions takes place when the competitor completes the mandatory signing in on the computer in the pro shop. Multiple competitions may be available, and it is up to the player to ensure that they enter the correct competition for the correct course. Entering the wrong competition will result in disqualification.

4.5       If competitors are late by more than 5 minutes for their tee time they are disqualified and shall not be permitted to compete in the competition. Players arriving up to 5 minutes late on the tee box incur a two stroke penalty applicable to the first hole or a two points deduction from the total in a Stableford competition R&A Rule 21.1c

5.  Recording of Score and Returning Cards:

5.1       All cards should be checked, marked, and signed as soon as possible after finishing. Competitors must return their cards in all competitions (R&A Rule 3) before the competition closes.

5.2       When the computer is in use for a competition it is mandatory for every competitor (even if ‘no return’) to personally enter his score on the computer and return their card to scorecard box provided.  Failure to do so could make you liable to be sanctioned or disciplined. The Committee may use a device that has a Digital Scorecard instead of using an actual card. When in use it is mandatory to record your scores on the Digital Scorecard.

6.       Competition Format – General:

6.1       The timesheet/entry form will indicate the format of the competition and the relevant tee markers. These can only be changed, in exceptional circumstances before start of play, by a member of the Competitions Committee or the General Manager.

6.2       The competition will be played over the stipulated course, which in the absence of notification to the contrary, will be an 18 hole competition played from holes 1 to 18 in sequence. Competitors must play from the designated competition markers of the day.

6.3       It is the responsibility of each competitor to be aware of the local rules of the day.

6.4       In non-match play competitions and match play qualifiers ties will be decided via the count back method as provided by the computer system. In the absence of the computer system the count back will be applied as follows:

6.4.1    36 Holes – last 18-9-6-3-1, If still no Resolution Last 9-6-3-1 of First 18 Holes

6.4.2    18 holes - last 9-6-3-1, If still no Resolution Last 6-3-1 of First 9 Holes               

6.4.3    12 holes - last 9-6-3-1

6.4.4    9 holes - last 6-3-1

6.4.5    The Competitions Committee may announce a different method of deciding ties for any given competition.

6.4.6    If any of the above Count Back methods do not provide a resolution, then the result will be decided by 9 6, 3, 2, 1


7.       Competition Format – Golfer of the Year:

7.1       This competition is played over a designated number of 18 hole Single competitions throughout the year.

7.2       The winner is the player with the best accumulated score over a set minimum number of rounds.

7.3       In the event of a Tie, the Winner will be decided by an 18 hole Stableford Singles Playoff played from the Fixed Blue markers, each player playing off his full current Handicap.

7.4       In the event of the Playoff reaching no result after the stipulated holes and the competitors cannot agree on a tie breaking method, the winner must be decided by a “sudden-death” stableford play-off starting at the 19th hole.

8.       Competition Format – Scramble rules:

8.1       The Competitions Committee will publish prior to the competition:

8.1.1    Number of players on each team.

8.1.2    Minimum Number of drives per player required.

8.1.3    Handicap allowance.

8.1.4    Tee markers to be used.

8.1.5    Stipulated round for the day.

8.2       Format will be strokes.

8.3       Team members may tee off in any order and follow the following procedure until a ball in play is holed out:

8.3.1    Team members decide which ball they prefer to play.

8.3.2    Preferred ball must be marked within 6 inches in the general area and as close as possible on the green, not nearer the hole.

8.3.3    The owner of the preferred ball must play first. He must play the ball as it lies unless placing is permitted or the ball is on the green.

8.3.4    Team members can then play in any desired order by placing their ball within 6 inches of the marker in the general area and as close as possible on the green, not nearer the hole. If the preferred ball is in the rough or in a Penalty Area, then the ball must be dropped in the rough/ Penalty Area as close as possible to the marked position not nearer the hole. Bunkers may be raked after each ball is played.

8.3.5    If the ball is lying off the green, it cannot be placed on the green.

8.3.6    Once a ball is ‘holed-out’ the accumulated team score is the score that counts.

9.       Competition Format - Match play Rules:

9.1       Entry will be by participation in a Pre-qualifier or an Entry Form as specified each year.

9.1.1    Entries submitted after the specified closing date for the competition will not be accepted under any circumstances.

9.2      Defending Champion(s):

9.2.1    If the defending champion(s) have entered and played together in the qualifier they will be deemed to have qualified in first place.

9.2.2    If the defending champion(s) have entered the competition they will be given precedence if any byes are required, followed by leading qualifiers in order of qualification.

9.3       The match play draw will be published from either the leading 32 qualifiers or the list of entrants.

9.3.1    The draw following a qualifying procedure will be made in accordance with the Rules of Golf (Rules of Golf: Committee Procedures 5F) . The draw, if no qualifying procedure takes place, will be a blind draw.

9.4       The Competitions Committee will post a play-by date for each round of matches. All matches must be decided by the ‘play-by’ date. No extensions will be granted, except in extreme circumstances and with the authority of the Competitions Committee.

9.5       Matches should be arranged as early as possible to avoid last minute, unforeseen difficulties and all players are equally responsible for ensuring the result is posted by the play-by date.

9.6       Results of ties should be posted, by the winner, on the published draw sheet.

9.6.1    If a match cannot be completed by the play-by date, then the Competition Committee would expect that a concession should be afforded to the party(s) who offered most ‘play dates’ over the play-by period. If this cannot be agreed, then a ‘coin-toss’ should decide the winner.

9.6.2    In the event of a result not being posted by the play-by date, the Competitions Committee will disqualify both parties. However, the Committee can decide the tie in favour of one party if they are aware of equitable reasons for doing so.

9.7      Match play handicaps:

9.7.1    The rules and allowances that shall apply for handicapping are those prescribed by the Golfing Unions and set out in the CONGU Unified Handicapping System. Players should familiarise themselves with this handicap system. See Section 14 for allowances.

9.7.2    In all match play events players must play off their handicap applicable on the match day throughout the competition.

9.8       Matches must be played over the stipulated round.

9.8.1    The stipulated round will be course and greens of the day (normally Holes 1 – 18 in sequence) played off the correct tees for the competition.

9.8.2    Players may, if necessary, to complete the match by the play-by date and only if both parties agree, play the match over 9 holes starting at the 1st tee of the Day. In this case the handicap differential and ‘shots’ given will be the same as if the match were played over the full 18 holes

9.8.3    In the event of a match reaching no result after the stipulated holes and the competitors cannot agree on a tie breaking method, the match must be decided by a sudden-death play-off starting at the 1st hole of the Day.

9.8.4    All matches will be played off the Fixed Blue Posts except as follows:   Rosefield singles match play will be off the Fixed White Posts.   Winter matches will be off the White Tees of the Day.

9.9       In the event of a dispute or disagreement, a member of the Competitions Committee shall be the sole Arbitrator/Referee. If no members of the Competitions Committee are available, the General Manager has the authority to make a ruling on behalf of the Competitions Committee. Such rulings are final and binding.

10.     Competition Format – Captains Prize:

10.1       The competition is played over two days and the format and tees of the day are the prerogative of the presiding captain. Handicap adjustments arising from 1st days play will not be applied to the 2nd days play but will apply immediately for all other competitions.

10.2     In the event of ties a 36 hole count-back will prevail.

10.3     Entry is open to full members.

10.4     The Captain’s Prize to students and young adults may be held either on the same days or alternative days if decided by the Captain and GUI Committee. Should they be held on the same day, students and young adults may only win specific designated prizes.

10.5     1st round maybe either an open draw per time-zone on an Entry Form or an open timesheet bookable online.

10.6     2nd round leading group (30 plus tied scores) go out last. All other players book online. This leading group of players must play in the allotted tee times provided. If a player is unable to do so, then he is only eligible for the following prizes:

10.6.1  Past Captains Prize.

10.6.2  Veteran’s Prize.

10.6.3  Daily and Novelty Prizes.

10.7     Players are not allowed caddie for fellow competitors.

10.8     It is a strict condition of competition that players must declare their scores to the official scoreboard operators when asked.

10.9     The Captain’s Prize to 5 day members is open to that category only. The format will be decided on an annual basis by the Captain after consultation with the GUI committee.

11.     Prizes and Competition Fee Refunds:

11.1     The prize fund will be approximately 60% of fees collected per competition. The balance will be used to fund and resource the GUI section, including inter club team competitions.

11.2     Competition fees will only be refunded if the competition is cancelled. There will be no refunds for inclement weather where the course remains open.

11.3     The number of prizes awarded will reflect the number of individual entries. If less than 12 competitors enter any singles competition no prizes will be awarded, and the competition will be cancelled.  In a 4 man team event for a competition to be valid a minimum of 8 teams is required.

11.4     In the case where weather adversely effects one or both days of the same competition, played over Saturday and Sunday, 75% of total players entered on the timesheet for Sunday must complete their round or the competition will be cancelled. Separate reduced prizes may be awarded for the Saturday competition.

12.     Caddies and Use of Buggies:

12.1     The use of buggies is permitted, whenever weather conditions allow, for all players

12.2     Unless otherwise stated the use of caddies is permitted. A player who has already competed or is due to compete in the same competition cannot caddie for another player.

13.     Practice on the Course:

13.1     R&A Rule 5.2b prohibiting a competitor practising on the course before a stroke play event is overridden under following conditions:

13.1.1   A competitor may use the marked designated Practise Areas and may play on the course between the Saturday and Sunday competition times without penalty.

13.1.2  A competitor may play in both a GUI and a mixed competition held on the same day without penalty.

14.     Handicap Allowances for Different Formats of Competition

Match Play        Singles                  Full difference between the handicaps of the players
                            Foursomes           1/2 difference between combined handicaps of each side
                            Four-ball              Lowest handicap concedes strokes to the other 3 players (Better ball) based                                                             on 90% of the difference between the full Handicaps   

Stroke Play        Singles                  Full handicap
                            Foursomes           1/2 combined handicap of partners
                            Four-ball              Each partner receives 90% of full handicap (better ball) 

Par/Bogey          Singles                  Full handicap 
                            Foursomes           1/2 combined handicap of partners 
                            Four-ball              Each partner receives 90% of full handicap (better ball)  

Stableford         Singles                  Full handicap 
                           Foursomes           1/2 combined handicap of partners 
                           Four-ball              Each partner receives 90% of full handicap (better ball)  

Scotch 4’somes  Stroke Play          Lower handicap x 0.6 plus higher handicap x 0.4 (Based on Playing                                                                        Handicaps) 
                            Match Play        Full Difference between Scotch Foursomes Handicaps

Scramble            Strokes               Handicap allowance for 10% of total of handicaps for 18 holes and 5% for 9.                                                         The allowance for teams of a smaller number of players is the same as that for                                                         a full team.

Note 1:         Half Strokes.  Half strokes or over to be counted as one; smaller fractions to be disregarded except in Foursomes Stroke Play when 1/2 strokes are counted as such.

Note 2:        Hole-by-hole play-off (sudden-death).  When extra holes are played in handicap competitions, strokes should be taken in accordance with the Handicap Stroke Index.