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Portrait of a Golf Club

"This is the place" These immortal words, reputed to be uttered by two members of the Maccabean Golfing Society, led to the purchase of an old dairy farm situated in the foothills of the Dublin Mountains. They were probably standing somewhere on the current 18th fairway which affords a magnificent view of Dublin City. The two gentlemen concerned were looking, on behalf of their society, for a site to form their own golf club for their members who, for the most part, were unable to gain membership of established clubs.

The year was 1944 and Ireland was anything but a pluralist society. War was still raging in Europe and the outlook was grim. However the land was purchased and Edmondstown Golf Club was born. initially it was a 9 hole course but over the years extra holes were built and finally in 1959, after acquiring extra land, the club became an 18 hole course.

By 1980 the club was well established when the Southern Cross Motorway was proposed which had severe ramifications for the club. However after 20 years of negotiations the final route was decided and the M50 was built. Edmondstown Golf Club was fortunate to acquire some additional land and in 2002 all 18 holes were remodelled including the replacement holes. It is now established as one of South Dublin's premier courses.

As a club, it enjoys a broad spectrum of members from all walks of life - "Doctors, Tailors and Candle Stick Makers". It is a member friendly club playing an important role in providing golfing facilities for the local community, young and not so old. It has a choir and a bridge section. It has recently upgraded the clubhouse and built a state of the art professional shop complete with indoor golf club fitting room.

It is a friendly club and as this quote by G. Randolf expresses

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget"

Portrait of a Golf Club
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