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Code of Course Care and Conduct


Edmondstown Golf Club is a member’s club, owned by the members. It exists for the use and enjoyment of all our members and guests. It falls to each member to ensure that when playing golf, the highest standards of course care and conduct are upheld in order to protect our course and enhance the golfing experience of all who use it.


There is a responsibility on all golfers, whether in competition or casual golf, to ensure that each member of their playing group adhere to this code.


1.     General Care for the Course: Players must ensure that they do not cause damage to the course in any way and especially on the greens.


2.     Raking Bunkers: Bunkers must be raked after every entry.  Sand should be raked towards the upper lip of the bunker, not towards the rear exit point. Rakes should be replaced in the centre of the bunker facing the direction of play.


3.     Repairing Divots:  It is the responsibility of each member to repair their own divots.  To this end a sand bag should be carried by all members, regardless of the type of trolley, or none, that is in use.


4.     Repairing Pitch Marks: Members are responsible for repairing their own pitch marks on the green and should also repair others that they may notice.


All members are responsible for ensuring that the above code is adhered to. The Course Ranger has the authority to request golfers to comply with the code and may report any breaches to the GUI/ILGU committee(s). This code is covered by the Rules of Golf (Rule 1.2a) and penalties for breaches thereof may be imposed at the discretion of the relevant committee(s).


Course Committee