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Competitions & Handicaps

Six of the scheduled competitions, for January, fell foul of course closures. Unfortunately ,all of those were midweek competitions, so our 5 day members have been severely restricted in relation to competitive activity. 61 individual members have featured in the prizes in the 10 competitions which have been played to date. For winter competitions we are trying to have one singles and one team competition on Wednesday and similarly for the weekend. Winter handicap cuts are now been based on monetary value of prizes- 1 shot for every 30 euro won. This new formula appears to have been well received.

Handicaps Our annual review of member’s handicaps was concluded in November and our reports were filed with Golf Ireland. The review resulted in the adjustments to the handicaps of 6 members. Four of those involved reductions-one of which was determined by Golf Ireland-while two members were given an upward revision to their handicaps. As we know WHS takes the best 8 of the most recent 20 scores in a player’s handicap to record to calculate a handicap index. Those calculations gave rise to a total of 43 members finishing the year with an upward handicap movement of between 3 and 5 shots. That is an example of one report which is used, as part of the handicap review process, when determining a player’s demonstrated ability.

One of the longest serving members of the committee Gabriel Teggart has stepped down from his role on December 31. The club and the committee owe a great deal of thanks to Gabriel for his work and commitment over the years. He will certainly be missed