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1. Members shall: -

1.1       Comply with the memorandum and articles of association, bye-laws, regulations and rules of the club.

1.2       Always behave in a sober, orderly and courteous manner. Intoxication or vulgarity will not be tolerated.

1.3       Dress in a manner that is considered to be generally acceptable and in accordance with any regulations laid down by the management committee both for the course and the clubhouse.

1.4       Refrain from such gambling which by its nature could cause offence to other members.

1.5       When playing on the course observe the relevant club rules on play, times of play, and etiquette as well as any special rules for a particular event or competition.

1.6       When playing on the course, display their current membership disc and identify themselves on request to an authorised officer of the club.

1.7       Be entitled to bring visitors to the club except at such times when it is exclusively reserved for members. The numbers and frequency of such visitors shall be in accordance with the rules laid down by the management committee from time to time.

1.8       Be responsible for their guests' fees.


2. Associate members

2.1       Bye-law no.1 shall apply.

2.2       The ILGU Committee may make rules and regulations as they see fit for the activities of their section provided that these shall not be inconsistent with the memorandum and articles of association, bye-laws, regulations and rules of the club.


3. Young adult & student members & visitors

3.1       Bye-law no.1 shall apply.

3.2       The specific rules above regarding times of play on the course and practice ground, visitors and clubhouse shall be observed.


4. Non-playing members

4.1       Bye-law nos.1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 shall apply.

4.2       When playing the course, must pay a green fee at the applicable visitor rate.

4.4               May not introduce a guest(s) at a concession rate.

4.5               During any period of non-playing membership your GUI / ILGU handicap will lapse.


5. Country members (overseas members)

5.1.1         Bye-law no.1 shall apply.

5.2       May play in up to 5 members’ competitions in any one year but shall only be eligible to win a “class” or “nine prize”

5.3               May not introduce a guest(s) at concession rates.

5.4               May purchase additional green fee vouchers at the applicable members’ guest rate.

6. Members leave of absence & Subscription Credits


6.1       A full, Associate or a 5 day member seeking "leave of absence"  should apply to the management committee before the 31st October prior to the year for which it is being sought. (Financial year runs from 1stNovember).

6.2       Should a member be granted leave of absence, it shall be for a minimum of one year. If granted, it is conditional on 6.3 below.

6.3       Before a leave of absence is granted, all subscriptions or arrears (if any) must be discharged. A member seeking leave of absence is expected to remain either: -

(i)        A clubhouse member. Their GUI/ILGU handicap will lapse during their period of leave of absence, or

(ii)       A country/ (overseas) member (residing more than 160km from the club) the  member’s address of residence should be provided at the time of application.

6.4       If permission is granted by the management committee, a new bill for one of the above categories shall accompany the reply to the request or will be sent with the annual billing.

6.5       The management committee reserve the right to charge a re-entry fee in the event of a lapsed or non-playing member being reinstated as a full member or 5 day member, as appropriate.

6.6       Re-entry to any playing category shall be dependent on the available spaces within that category. Playing membership spaces will not be reserved for members who are on a leave of absence

6.7       Members may not request a leave of absence due to injury or for any other reason for periods of less than 1 year.

Members who seek leave of absence are advised to familiarise themselves with the terms of non-playing or country (overseas) membership.

Members who are unable to play golf due to injury or illness which occurs after the 31st October may request a subscription credit be carried forward to the following year under the following rules:

6.8      They are unable to play golf for a minimum of 6 continuous months, at least 2 of which include the months of May, June, July, August & September

6.9      Provide a medical practitioner’s letter confirming the injury or illness

6.10    Should the request be granted it will only commence from the date the request was made. Retrospective credit requests will not be accepted.

Members who seek leave of absence are advised to familiarise themselves with the terms of non-playing or country (overseas) membership.


7.         It is the responsibility of a student member to notify in writing, the club office when he/she ceases to be a full time student.


8. Unpaid subscriptions

8.1       Any member whose subscriptions for the current year, fines, or other monies due remain unpaid on the 31st December shall have their membership suspended and shall be ineligible to vote at or take part in any meeting of the Club, until all their said liabilities shall have been paid.

8.2       A member whose subscription for the current year is not paid on or before the 31st January (excluding those on direct debit) in that year shall cease to be a member of the Club.


9. Visitors/guests

9.1       Bye-law numbers:  1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 & 12 shall apply.

9.2       Must display a green fee receipt and identify themselves on request to an authorised officer of the club. Failure to satisfy the officer may result in a directive to leave the grounds and clubhouse.


10. The management committee

10.1     Subject to the memorandum and articles of association has the right to amend bye-laws at any time, a copy of which will be made available to any member on request.

10.2     May restrict the use of certain areas of the clubhouse and course to various categories of members and visitors from time to time, and generally make bye-laws for the conduct and control of the club and its activities.

10.3     Subject to the memorandum and articles of association of the club, may suspend or apply any other sanction or any other remedy it sees fit to any member, judged by the management committee, guilty of any offence or contravention of any of the club rules or bye-laws, regulations or rules. Such suspension, sanction (other than expulsion), or other remedy shall take effect within 14 days of posting of notification. The notification to a member shall offer the right of appeal within 14 days of the date of such notification and shall request that the grounds upon which the appeal is being requested shall be set out in the request for appeal. Such notification shall state that the appeal will take place at a meeting of the management committee [or if deemed by the management committee to be of sufficient importance, at an extraordinary general meeting of the members], at such time and date as shall be notified to the appellant. The appellant shall be entitled to attend such meeting together with an advisor and to make all submissions in relation to the suspension, sanction (other than expulsion) or other remedy imposed. At such a meeting the suspension, sanction (other than expulsion) or other remedy may be confirmed or varied in such manner as the management committee shall think fit.


11. The clubhouse and grounds

11.1     The club bar is open to all members, green fee visitors and guests. An adult must accompany children under the age of 14.

11.2     Children under the age of 8 shall not be permitted on the course and shall only be allowed into the clubhouse in the company and under the supervision of a parent, or a person in “loco parentis”, who is entitled to be in the clubhouse.

11.3     Players and guests must be appropriately attired at all times.

The committee has defined unacceptable dress as frayed, torn or cut denim jeans, sleeveless polo shirts for men, tracksuits and shorts (other than of a tailored variety) and are prohibited. This applies equally to the clubhouse and golf course. 

The minimum dress code requirement is neat casual wear at all times in the clubhouse.

11.5     Golf shoes of any kind are only permitted in locker/changing rooms.

11.6     Outer-clothing, golf equipment and holdalls may only be left in the locker room in the places provided and may not be brought into other areas of the clubhouse.

11.7     The Edmondstown Golf Club ltd. Accepts no liability for loss or damage to property of members or users left or deposited on club premises or car park.

11.8     The club shall not be responsible for any injury of whatever kind which may be sustained by any person on or about any part of the property, including the course, practice ground, clubhouse, roads or footpaths of The Edmondstown Golf Club ltd.

11.9     Entry to and exit from the club are forbidden by any means other than the access road.

11.10   The sale of raffle or lottery tickets for any kind of fund-raising other than for Edmondstown golf club is not permitted within the boundaries of the club other than by written permission from the management committee.

11.11    Mobile phones must not be used on the golf course- except other than to make an emergency 999 or 112 call.

11.12    The club reserves the right to refuse green fees or entry on to the property of the club and reserves the right to demand that a guest/visitor player leave the clubhouse.  In such a case any green fee paid will be refunded.

11.13    Smoking is not permitted within the clubhouse, locker rooms office, professional shop and all outbuildings on the property of the Edmondstown golf club limited.


12. Occupiers Liability

12.1     The Edmondstown Golf Club Ltd does not accept any liability whatever for any personal injury, loss or damage sustained by any person, member or visitor or to their property whilst on the premises or lands of the Golf Club. 

12.2     All persons, members and visitors, coming into the clubhouse, premises or lands must take care for their own safety and that of other persons accompanying them.

12.3     Motor vehicles including contents and accessories of members and guests are parked or driven on club lands at the sole risk of the owner/driver.  All golf equipment, clothes and valuables left in vehicles or in the club premises are at the sole risk of their owner.

12.4     Members, visitors & guests must immediately report to the office, caddymaster or next senior person available, all accidents or incidents where damage or injury may have been caused to a person or property on the clubhouse or grounds or in adjacent properties. 

12.5     Members visitors and guests or advised not to leave their golf equipment, clothes and valuables visible in their car and to use lockers available in the clubhouse.

12.6     All playing members must have personal golfers insurance. This is automatically charged annually and appears on the subscription invoice. Away members who already have personal golfers insurance cover through their home clubs need not be charged.

Regulations & Rules

Subject to the memorandum and articles of association the management committee:

(a)                May make regulations and rules for the conduct and control of the club and its activities, and

(b)               Has the right to amend these regulations and rules at any time, a copy of which will be made available to any member on request.


Five day members shall be permitted to  have the use of the course, practice ground, car park, locker room, club bar and restaurant, from Monday to Friday (both inclusive) subject to the memorandum and articles of association,   bye-laws, regulations and rules of the club. Saturday and Sunday use of the golf course for five day members is subject to a green fee.

It is the responsibility of all players to know the local rules of the day.  

On ladies day, Tuesdays, gentlemen are required to invite lady competitors through.

On ladies competition day GUI members and or their guest(s) may not play in a fourball format unless the ladies’ competition is a fourball.   If the ladies competition is a singles, then the ladies are expected to play in their competition in a “three ball format” during pm. Times unless as stated above - no fourball may be played from 1.40 pm. To 4.30 pm (in winter 1.00 pm. – 3.00 pm.)

Times reserved by society outings will be visible on the online tee time booking system.

All club members taking part in a club competition shall have precedence both in starting and through the greens. Students must, at all times call players through when requested.



A limited number of your guests may be introduced on payment, before play, at a concession rate green fee. Please pay in the professional shop. If the pro shop is closed, payment can be made in the bar. The rates and numbers as displayed on the clubhouse noticeboard. Other guests should be paid for, at the full rate. You must play with your guest(s) to receive the discounted rates.   

Only one guest may be introduced between 12.30 & 13.30. (Winter 11.30am–12-30pm)

Students are not permitted to introduce adult guests at any time


Tee time booking terms & conditions

To ensure the smooth running of our online booking facility, certain terms & conditions are to be adhered to by members. These are designed to provide a fair and equal system for all members and to avoid misuse of the system. Please ensure that you are fully aware of these terms and conditions.


General terms & conditions

The member is fully responsible at all times for tee times booked on their account.
All members must keep their login and password strictly confidential as the member is liable for all bookings made on their account.
Members may only amend bookings made by them or a booking for them made by another member. A member may not amend or cancel a booking for another member.
Members may have their online booking account suspended if they fail to turn up for reserved tee times.


Competition booking terms & conditions

Each member will be allowed to book a maximum of one full tee time (up to four persons) per day. These persons must be named at the time of the booking. The member who makes the booking is responsible for all players that he or she has booked.
If you wish to cancel your tee time after 12pm on the evening before the competition, you must make contact with your opposition informing them of your withdrawal.
The club may, at its discretion, suspend a members online booking account if any of the following incidents occur on more than one occasion:
a)      If the member books a tee time but does not cancel or show up for that tee time.

b)      If the member books other members who fail to turn up.

c)      If a member fails to inform their playing partners when they cancel after 12pm on the day before the competition.

When members are booking other members on the time sheet, please ensure that the member who plays matches that on the booking system. Please amend all player changes on the online booking system or by phone. Consistent abuse of this condition may result in suspension of your online booking account.
The GUI & ILGU committees may apply additional competition sanctions as they sees fit. 
Member’s guests may not be booked during members only competition times.
In order to guarantee a tee time, members must be booked on the time sheet. Golf may be refused to members who are not on the time sheet if no tee times are available.

Competition purse

In order to book into competition you must have money loaded on your competition purse. You can do this in the pro shop or online.

To top up online log on to the members page.
Click on the members tee booking link.
Click top up and follow the instructions.

Terms & conditions

You must have a minimum balance of €5 not assigned to any other competition to be able to book into club competitions
Cancellation of tee times made up to 6pm on the evening preceding the competition will result in no charge. Your account will be charged for any cancellations made after this time or if you fail to turn up for your tee time.
Once the competition is completed the competition fee will be deducted automatically from your account.

Online booking system

Edmondstown golf club provides an online booking facility to it members. Members may book both casual and competition times online from home, work or anywhere with an internet connection.


To book online log onto the members webpage on www.egc.ie. Your username is your e-mail address or GUI / ILGU number and you password is your date of birth in the format DDMMYYYY


Competitors must start from the first tee and play from the designated competition markers of the day. It is the responsibility of each competitor to be aware of the local rules of the day.

Any alterations to local rules, handicaps, or competition rules will be posted on the club noticeboard.

Open and semi-open competitions at home:

Only those who are fully paid up may compete in club competitions. In open or semi-open competitions a visitors or guest(s) must be member(s) from an affiliated club holding a current GUI card or overseas equivalent.  Breach of this rule may result in their disqualification and the disqualification of any card signed by them.    It is the club's policy to notify all guests and visitors scores including “no returns” from all qualifying competitions held at the club via the central handicapping data base (CDH).  Entrance fees must be paid before playing in any competitions. Any breach will result in disqualification. All cards should be checked, marked and signed before entering clubhouse. Competitors must return and are responsible for the return of their cards in all competitions. R & a. Rule 6-6 (a) & (b)


It is mandatory for every competitor (even if "no return") to personally enter his/her score on the computer and return card in the scorecard box provided.  Failure to do so could make you liable to disqualification and or disciplinary action.


A lone competitor may only play if he/she has a marker appointed by the general manager, member of the competitions sub-committee or the professional.


Students, where permitted to play in club competitions, can only win a “class” or “nine” prize unless they hold a GUI category one or two handicap.


Suspension of play and/or closure of the course due to severe weather


(a)   One regular siren will be sounded.  This will indicate the course is closed.   It is then mandatory to vacate the course. 

(b)    Two regular siren blasts will indicate that play has been suspended; you should mark your ball immediately and vacate the course.  The competitions sub-committee, general manager or the professional will make a further decision within the next hour.   Should weather conditions not improve and 75% of the entries have been completed, then the competition will be considered to be valid.


Match play rules

a)    All players are equally responsible for arranging their matches.

b)   All matches must be decided by the "play-by" date. No extensions will be granted. In the event of a tie not being decided, the general manager shall toss a coin and enter the winner of the toss into the next round. Matches should be arranged as early as possible to avoid last minute, unforeseen difficulties.

c)    In the event of dispute or disagreement, a member of the GUI / ILGU sub-committee shall be the sole arbitrator / referee. If no members of the competitions sub-committee are available, the general manager has the authority to make a ruling on behalf of the competitions sub-committee.

d)   In the event of a match reaching no result after 18 holes and the competitors cannot agree on a tie breaking method, the match must be decided by a sudden-death play-off starting at the 19th hole.

e)    Play off blue markers – unless otherwise designated.

f)     In singles matchplay events, the full differential in handicap will apply.

g)   In foursomes matchplay events, half of the differential of the combined handicaps will apply.

h)   In fourball matchplay events, three-quarters of the differential will apply.

i)     In all fourball matches, the lower handicap player revert to scratch, as per the current edition of the council of national golf unions revised S.S.S. and handicapping scheme.

j)     Play off your current handicap throughout the competition.

Par and stableford competitions

The gross score taken on each hole by each player must be recorded on the scorecard.

Count Back will be decided as follows:

18 holes - last 9-6-3-2-1         

12 holes - last 9-6-3-2-1

9 holes - last 6-3-2-1      

Time-keeping: competitors must report and have paid their competition entrance fees at least ten minutes before their tee time.  If competitors are late by more than ten minutes for their tee time they are disqualified and shall not be permitted to complete/play in a GUI counting competition. Up to five minutes late on the tee box incurs a two stroke penalty.

Slow play:  players may be penalised.  Please enter your card into the computer immediately. The computer records the time you enter your card.

Open competitions

Players playing away in any singles, fourball or foursomes, competitions or part of a team finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in team events, including mixed teams events, classics, scrambles, mixed foursomes or in a singles competition where the equal or beat C.S.S. or S.S. or are part of being a winner or runner-up, in a semi-open match play competition organised by any recognised authority, must report their scores and position together with the date, name and standard scratch of the course to their home club.


Notes for competitors

a)    Only fully paid up members may represent the club or compete in club competitions.  Any member who has not paid his/her annual subscription by 1st February shall not be considered for selection to represent the club in any inter-club golf tournaments within or outside the club.

b)   The entrance fee must be paid before playing in competitions. (Any breach of (a) or (b) will result in disqualification).

c)    All cards should be marked, checked and signed before entering clubhouse.

d)   Competitors must return and are responsible for the return of their cards in all competitions. – R&A Rule 6-6 (a) & (b)

e)    When the computer is in use for a competition it is mandatory for every competitor (even if "no return") to personally enter his score.  Failure to do could make you liable to disqualification and/or disciplinary action.

f)     A lone competitor may only have a marker appointed by the general manager, a member of the GUI / ILGU committees or the professional.

g)   New members must have a valid GUI / ILGU handicap to enter competitions. They can obtain a handicap by either submitting 3 cards for handicap purposes or by transferring their handicap from a previous club.

h)   Country members, where permitted to play in club competitions, can only win a class or nine prize.

i)     Only full members may win the net prizes in a life officers or officers’ competition.

j)     Young adult members & student members, playing in a life officers or officers’ prizes shall be only eligible to win the gross prize (if provided) or a young adult prize & student prizes(s)

k)   Student members with a handicap of 19.4 or lower who have received permission from the Student Committee may play in adult competitions.

l)     Students & Young Adults may only win class, “9’s” and student prizes in the following major competitions. Sundays: Captain’s Prize, Vice Captain’s Prize, President’s Prize & Life President’s Prize. Wednesdays: Stanley Adams Trophy, Maurice Cohen Trophy, Captain’s Prize to the 5 Day Members. Restrictions may apply to other competitions in both the GUI & ILGU sections

m) The captain’s prize: to be eligible to win the 1s prize in the captain’s prize a competitor must have played in the designated number of competitions prior to the competitions during the current year and have been a member of the club for more than one year.

n)   All mixed competitions from which selection is to be made to represent the club are the responsibility of the GUI & ILGU competitions sub-committee.

o)   The Jacobson & Smullen shields are open to full, young adult and student members. However at least one member of the competing pair must be a full member. 

Etiquette and club procedures


Divots must be replaced at all times.
Players must always rake a bunker after playing from it. Bunker rakes should be left in bunkers.
Players must repair their pitch marks on the greens.
Caddy cars must not be taken over or on to greens, tees or aprons of greens. Please follow the direction of arrows.
No player should play until players in front are out of range.
If a game loses its distance by more than 1 hole to those in front they must call through the game behind.
Players searching for a ball must signal on-coming players to pass them and must not continue until those players are out of range.
Practice on the course is not permitted at any time except when getting a lesson from the club professional.
 Players may not have more than one golf ball in play at any one time.
A two, three or four-ball have equal standing and are strictly bound by rule 6 (above).  A single player has no standing.
Players in a club competition or a club match play may claim precedence both in starting and play throughout the course over those not similarly engaged.
Players may only cut in at a tee when they have a clear green behind them.
Players must start from the 1st tee. Play may only start from another tee during designated competitions or with permission from the general manager or an authorised club official.
Members may not play with guests/visitors during times when the tee is reserved for club member’s competitions.
Sharing of golf clubs or equipment whilst playing on the course is forbidden.
Players should familiarise themselves with the local rules and the rules of golf.
The purchase of golf balls from persons other than the club professional is prohibited.

Associate members: may only start on weekends after 2.45 p.m. (2.15 p.m. In winter) except as stated above. Other members playing at such times must alternate with the associates. Once a game has teed-up priority may not be claimed.

Young adult & student members with GUI & ILGU handicaps:
a)         Times of play - weekdays: Monday, Thursday, and Friday from start time until 4.30p.m (winter3.00 p.m.)  Monday to Friday after 7.00p.m.  All times subject to availability.

b)        Times of play - weekends: after 3.30 p.m. (2.30 p.m. winter) from 2.45 young adult & student members may play if the tee is free.  However full members have preference and must be called through at all times. 

c)         Any social game containing a young adult and or student member such games have reduced standing and must give way immediately. For players of special ability permission must be sought from the GUI / ILGU committees for extended playing times.

d)        Practise ground - see rule 22.

e)         Young adult & student members, with official handicap, are permitted to play, 30 minutes before the end of full /associate members reserved tee-time (but not in the last 10 minutes) provided that the 1st tee is clear. Rule 19 (c) still applies).

f)          A young adult member may introduce an adult guest or 3rd level student outside members reserved tee times at the usual full members’ concession rate.  If they introduce and play with their student guest before 9.30 a.m. On Monday, Thursday or Friday the special student rate applies.  

g)        1st and 2nd level student members may introduce one junior/student friend at a concession rate on Monday, Thursday or Friday before noon and on a Saturday and Sunday after 3.30 p.m., subject to course availability and in compliance with rule 19 (a).

h)        Students may not introduce adult guests at concession rates.


Green fees: -
            (a) No guests/ visitors are permitted during “members only” competition times.

(b) Green fees must be paid before play.

(c) Members may introduce up to 3 guests at a reduced guest rate. Members must play with their guests”

(d) During members reserved tee-times only one guest may be introduced by a member.  Young adult & student members may not introduce guests during members reserved tee time.


Practice ground/ teaching bays: -
Use of this area is prohibited as follows: -

A) Student & Young Adult members without GUI / ILGU handicaps, Monday through Friday from 4.30pm, all day Weekends & Bank Holidays unless accompanied by a member or club professional.

            B) five day members: all day at weekends.

            C) The above restrictions do not apply to anyone with the club professional or assistant.

            Please consider your fellow members by limiting your time at busy periods.


22.  Members are requested to play their “social golf” from the yellow marker

Edmondstown Winter Rules - Basic Guidelines

                                                                                                                     Winter rules:  (in addition to local rules when in operation)           

1. Placing on fairways only:

A ball may be lifted, cleaned and placed within 6 inches (not nearer the hole) in any closely mown area through the green i.e. Fairways, tees, paths through rough. A ball must be marked before lifting and replacing.

2. Lift clean & drop in the rough:

A ball may be lifted, cleaned and dropped within 6 inches, not nearer the hole. A ball must be marked before lifting and dropping.

3. Embedded ball & poll marks on greens:

A ball embedded in its own pitch mark through the green may be lifted, cleaned and dropped without penalty, as near as possible not nearer the hole and not in a hazard.  On the green, if a ball rests in a poll mark, it may be moved and placed in the nearest position, which affords relief, not nearer the hole.

4. Winter greens: (when not in play)

Winter greens are to be regarded as ground under repair from which play is prohibited.  Refer to local rules for dropping position.

5. Winter mats:

When winter mats are in play the player must stand on and play the ball within the area of the mat. Failure to play from within the mat area as above will result in penalties or disqualification.

FAQ: rules - decisions re: placing (preferred lies)

Q. When a players places their ball under winter conditions and do not like the lie and lifts it and replaces it in another spot, do they incur a penalty?
A. The player incurs a penalty stroke and shall replace the ball in the position where it was first placed.

Q. After "placing" the ball and before addressing it, the ball moves through no fault of the player, is there a penalty and may the ball be replaced?
A. There is no penalty and the ball should not be replaced 

Q.If a "placed" ball moves when a player addresses it, is there a penalty and may the ball be replaced?
A. There is a penalty of one stroke and the ball shall be replaced ONLY if the Player caused the Ball to move. If it is deemed that the player did not cause the movement of the ball then the ball must be played without replacing

See website/notice board for full listings

Pace of play for 18 holes in Edmondstown golf club is:

3 ball stableford - 3 hours & 40 minutes.

3 ball strokes - 3 hours & 50 minutes.

4 ball - 4 hours

P lease avoid slow play.