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The 18 hole competitions commence this weekend Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th March. 

New Indices 

Please note that new indices for both men & ladies are now in play. New 18 hole scorecards have been printed and the updated indices and local rules are on them. Please ignore the indices on the tee box posts. New posts with the correct indices are being installed shortly. 

Click here to view the new scorecard.

Placing on Fairways Only

Placing on fairways will continue until further notice, but you may now only drop in the rough. Competitions are still non-qualifying for handicap purposes. 

Local Rules Changed in Line with New Rules 2019

On the New Card a Number of Changes have been made to the Local Rules.

These are largely in the following areas:

  • Alignment with New Rule Numbers and New Definitions
  • Removal of Local Rules that are now adopted as a Golf Rule

However the following changes should be noted:

  • The out of Bounds marked by the  Road to right side of the 9th Hole has been extended all the Way up to and Behind the Practice Green
  • The White Fence on the 11th and 18th Holes are now treated the same and Defined as Integral parts of the course (No Relief)
  • In accordance with instructions from the governing bodies, the Local rule giving full relief from a stone in a bunker has been removed. Under the new rules a stone in a bunker is no different from a stone on the fairway and is defined as a loose impediment and therefore can be removed without penalty. However if you accidentally move the ball in the process, there is a 1 stroke penalty and the ball should be replaced 

Any Queries should be directed to either Ron Greenlee or Dave Darcy

Edmondstown Golf Club